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PRO PAIN® is the handiwork of internationally renowned action actor & stuntman Sonny J. Surowiec. Sonny has worked on over ninety film and television projects, entertaining global audiences for over three decades. For stunt personnel and athletes alike, cuts and scrapes are commonplace within professional spheres such as these and thus require a more targeted approach to healing and recovery. Sonny noticed a void in the market for performance bandages that would stand up to the demands placed on them. He consequently took on the challenge to develop a product that would fit his needs and similarly serve others. Sonny answered the call with PRO PAIN® – ProTECHtive GEAR.
2023 NY Product Design award winner

The NY Product Design Awards was launched to honor the efforts of talented product designers, design teams, and manufacturers from all over the world, whose designs have made daily living that much better with practical and ingenious creation.


PRO PAIN® offers a solution for those searching for a better bandage experience. Whether you are a busy parent, a professional, or someone who wants the best for your cuts and scrapes, our bandages have you covered. To ensure affordability, we offer comparable pricing, a box of fifty custom bandages in two styles lists for an MSRP of $9.99 and a blister pack containing two portable dispensers in two bandage styles lists for $10.99. Our durable dispensers protect bandage integrity, making them safe and available anywhere you go.
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